With Evolution, the Homunculus will obtain random bonus of 1-10 for each of the stats, increased HP and SP, and a new sprite. I can solo ET from 1-60 or sometimes 70, and I can even solo some high level minis with that stats because thats my goal in my Homunculus build, being able to ET or boss hunt on my own. Best combination: Sera. Renewal Homunculus Stat growth - posted in Homunculus Headquarters: Hi all! With enough of the creator's vit, and some rune skills, it's great for tanking MVPs. it should display your stats and the range of each stat as it could possibly have gained as it lvls up. or can point me in the right direction? Homunculus Main article: Homunculus S Here is a quick breakdown of the homunculus and their uses: Bayeri (Scope: PvM) - A tanky unicorn with attitude. I didn't realize how important VIT was til much later on since this little guy tanked most of the hits for me. 2. homunculuses now can go to lvl150, and like 3rd classes too gain more status points to distribute on stats compared to pretrans or even trans classes. Bayeri uses safety walls on his owner and provides Holy property area damage. Amistr - the best pet to start with and tank with. does anybody have a lvl stat chart? 0.3: Stats & Expectations 0.4: Leveling Spots 0.5: Conclusion 0.1: Introduction The Amistr, a.k.a. Homunculi can evolve. My vanilmirth is currently lvl 40 and i think this is a good level to decide if it's stats are decent or not. use the command @homstats (if available). Level 2: 17-18 matk or 12-13 int Level 3: 18-26 matk or 13-16 int Level 5: 37-39 matk or 21-23 int Level 10: 50 matk or 25 int and up Level 15: 66-70 matk or 30 I just remembered my childhood. When the Homunculus' Intimacy reaches Loyal, you can use a Stone of Sage to evolve it. I'm new to being an alchemist and i've heard that sometimes it's best to delete and restart a homunculus if their stats are poor. New Homunculus are born with 20 intimacy (Awkward). Because my stats in my Homunculus build (I have a seperate build from my ymir for Homunculus build) is 99 VIT, 30-40 DEX, and the rest is STR. I.E. Evolve your Homunculus. Use a Stone of Sage (simply double click it) when the Homunculus's intimacy is Loyal to evolve it. I botted 6 partied-accounts through openkore just to also somehow "play" while doing jobs and stuff. I was also surprised at how fast and strong its attacks were. 2. However, its biggest weakness is that its area attack is interruptable, which makes it an unpopular choice of Homunculus S amongst most Geneticists. Amistr - It is by far the best Homunculus to raise if the player wants to turn his/her Homunculus S into a tank for solo PvM. I realized that even though I adjusted my rates to 20x and left my PC for 72 hrs straight botting, it was very difficult to reach lvl 99. The Homunculus Repair Skill in the Rune/ Aesir Monument heals the summoned homunculus with a percentage of their max hp every .5 seconds, with the effect lasting 3 seconds. they actually gain more than half of their stats during the Homunculus S phase. With evolution, the Homunculus will obtain a random bonus for each of the stats, increased max HP and max SP, and a … The cast time is fixed, and it can’t be shortened with DEX. Out of all the Homunculus, this one and Filir provide the most carry over spells for Homunculus S to use, as well as the most useful one. Your Homunculus can grow and turn into a stronger companion. the "sheep" or "hippo" homunculus. This is a useful skill for Amistr, when he soaks damage from the mobs or when his health is being drained by his special rune skill which I will tackle … same goes for Homunculuses. The Amistr is the best tank of all four homunculi and is best used as a distraction or a mobber in PvM. I'm returning to RO but I'm only playing RO Offline from Hercules. if I use @homstats with my lif and it says 109 (35 ~ 209) it means my homunculus has 109 of that stat and it’s minimum possible was 35 while the maximum possible was 209.